Playbook offers a simple, customizable registration platform that is perfect for any activity organization.


Advanced registration that changes the game for leagues, tournaments, events, camps, classes, lessons, and memberships.

Simple Setup

Setup programs and accept registrations in a few minutes period.

Advanced Registration Options

Split team payments, customize subscriptions, credit packages, sibling discounts, and more.

Amazing on Mobile

Playbook registration forms are simple to use on mobile devices.

Organization & Bookkeeping

Slice & dice your registration data to quickly organize rosters, send marketing blasts, and automate your bookkeeping.

Playbook offers a simple, customizable registration platform that is
perfect for any league, team, camp, tournament, or activity organization.

Simple For You & Simple for Your Customers

With an intuitive interface, a streamlined checkout process, and smart tool tips, your customers will have to think (and ask questions of you) less!

Registration on Your Own Domain

Playbook allows you to have all registrations on your own domain. No more switching to outside subdomains that look off brand and unprofessional.

Increase Your Conversation Rates on Mobile

Over 60% of visitors will experience your site on a mobile device! With beautiful mobile-friendly forms, your current and prospective customers can manage their account and register for programs with ease on any device.

Capture More Leads

With wishlists, waitlists, shareable links and more, your registration forms will work to help you increase your lead flow.


Use your own site or have Playbook build you an incredible mobile-friendly site that stands out from the competition.

Beautiful & Simple

We team up with incredible, experienced designers working with clients such as Jordan Brand, Under Armour, and HBO. Every site we build will be a beautiful representation of your brand with a simple and intuitive experience for your customers.

Amazing on Mobile

All of our websites are built mobile first to ensure your brand stands out on any device.

Seamless Integration

Playbook websites seamlessly integrate with our registration, marketing, staffing, to give you an amazing all in one solution with tremendous value and cost savings.

Advanced Analytics

Playbook sites offer advanced analytics to help you learn about your customers, optimize your site , and increase performance.

Take your brand to the next level with a professionally designed website,
built by some of our incredible web designers.

We keep it Simple

Playbook websites are all built with simplicity in mind. No clunky interfaces or confusing experiences for customers.

Optimized for Search

Come up more in Google with our advanced Search Engine Optimization tools that are built into every site. As part of your website buildout, we’ll include a complimentary beginner-level Search Engine Optimization audit so that you come up as high as possible on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all other major search engines.


We keep saying it, but our sites really are amazing on mobile.

All in One Amazingness

When you use Playbook for your website you benefit by having out of the box integration with your registration, player stats, staff assignments, schedules, and analytics.


Incredible marketing tools that increase revenues while saving you time.

Get More Visitors

With advanced search engine optimization and integration with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you will get more potential customers on your website.

Build Bigger Marketing Lists

With Playbook's advanced registration flows and calls to action on your website, you’ll quickly increase the number of contacts signing up on your site every day. In many cases your number of daily registrations will increase 50%-100%+

Advanced Analytics Dashboards

Track every page visit and significant customer action and see this data rolled up into streamlined dashboards of “interested users” that you can send an email or SMS blast to in one click.

Special Offers Simplified

With advanced coupon codes, private discounts, multi-program discounts, sign up bonus options, and groupon/living social promotion tools you can send out and track special offers to specific segments with ease.

At Playbook we live and breathe researching and creating marketing
solutions to give your organization an edge over the competition.

Supersize Your Database

You’ll attract more customers and a larger portion of your customers will sign up for your database. Watch as yourdatabase growth magically starts to accelerate.

Marketing Dashboards

Understand and segment your database with powerful dashboards and list tools that allow you to skip downloading, uploading, and moving around data.

Powerful Email & SMS Marketing

Use our powerful email and SMS marketing tools to automatically build marketing lists and send specific offers to the right customers at the right time.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Run advanced reports to track your return on your marketing investment across different marketing channels.


Increase your fundraising dollars with amazing solutions designed for sports and activity organizations.

Accept Donations on Your Site

Easily accept donations on your website.

Allow Donors to Subscribe as Monthly Supporters

Create recurring monthly donation options for your best supporters.

Events & More

Run any kind of fundraising event with flexible settings for accepting multiple types of donations during registration.

Organize & Communicate with Donors

Easily track donors and communicate with segmented donor lists with ease.

Raise more money and avoid time consuming hassles.

Customizable Options for Receiving Donations

Set up multiple donation options, including the option to subscribe to multiple recurring donations, customized by you.

Accept Donations Online

With our mobile-friendly donation pages your donors will be able to easily donate from any device.

Powerful Email & SMS Marketing

Use our powerful email and sms marketing tools along with advanced segments to solicit donations from all of your supporters.

Event Fundraisers

Turn your dream event into a successful fundraiser with customizable options that solicit donations during your event registration process.


Simplify your responsibilities with automated tools to streamline your organization.

Notification Panel

Automate important notifications for games, events, staff members, and more.

Over 20 Advanced Shortcuts

Shortcuts for everything under the sun. Save time creating programs, adjusting rosters, rescheduling events, creating reports, and more.

Powerful Automated Dashboards

Automatically track key metrics and build marketing lists.

Smart RSVP Options

Use our RSVP options for powerful functions including allowing RSVP by email or SMS, automatic email and SMS reminders, automatic forfeit rules, and alerts to key staff members and coaches.

Save time so you can spend time doing what you love and growing your organization.

Powerful Automatic Notifications

Configure automatic reminders for upcoming events, staff assignments and more.

1 Click Insight

Access amazing insights on your program in an instant with automatically created reports, lists, and advanced dashboards.

Simple Program Creation

No more delays getting your upcoming programs live.

Simple Payment Collections

Use automated collection tools to setup payment plans, notify late payers, and apply late fees without any hassle.


Offer amazing instant game statistics and anaytics.

Integrated All in One System

Our statkeeping apps seamlessly integrate back and forth with your Playbook account. No need for moving data back and forth between applications.

Instant Uploads

Use our statkeeping apps to have game managers or parents capture detailed game statistics. After the game instantly sync stats into your system which will prompt an email to everyone.

Scoreboard Integration

Our statkeeping apps integrate with your scoreboard so one person is able to keep stats which will automatically update the scoreboard. No need to have two people to capture statistics.

Amazing Stat Interfaces

Beautiful mobile-friendly designs for your box scores, individual stats, team stats, league leaders and more.

Offer statistics and analytics that help your program distinguish itself from the competition.

Player & Team Pages

Every player and every team has a unique page with all of their historical performance data.

Advanced Algorithms

Track your odds to win upcoming games, odds to win the championship in a league or tournament, and more.

Instant Amazingness

No more delays getting your stats and scores on your site. Stats sync instantly so your players can review them on their mobile devices right after the game.

Stress Tested for Simplicity

Our statkeeping apps seamlessly integrate with Playbook to make it fun and incredibly easy to pull up games, keep stats, and sync them back into your system.


Remotely run your league, camp or program from
your phone or tablet. Playbook easily automates and
manages registration, payments, rosters, staff, game
scheduling, reporting and communications.


True Mobile Responsiveness

All of our templates are built mobile first.

Modern Templates

Represent your brand with modern & simple templates.


Try our FREE 14 day trial to see if Playbook is right for your business. No credit card, no hassle!