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Our Marketing Features

We go beyond registration and team management. Learn how to retarget potential clients and send messages straight to your teams. 

How to Use the Retargeting Feature

Learn how to use the retargeting feature to retarget customers that visited your registration page, wishlisted your registration, or were on a waitlist.

How to Send Bulk Emails and Text Messages

Learn how to send bulk emails and text messages to customers to keep them up to date on any announcements for your programs.

How to Add Logos and Link Social Media

Learn how to add logos and link your social media to your site.

How To Create Teams

Learn how to create teams for your seasons.

How To Create Practices

Learn how to schedule practices for your teams in your seasons.

How to Create a Program

Learn how to easily create a program to get started.

How to Use the Scheduler Feature

Learn how to use the scheduler feature to automatically schedule games for your seasons.

Bookable Calendar

Use our bookable calendar to rent out field or court space all in one area. 

Bookable Calendar Feature

Learn how to use the bookable calendar feature to make reservations simple.

Bookable Calendar With Sub Locations and Parent Sub Locations

Learn how the bookable calendar works with sub locations and parent sub locations.

How to Add Staff Members

Learn how to add staff members.

How to Create Staff Roles

Learn how to create staff roles for your staff members.

How to Add Staff Members and Create Staff Roles

Learn how to add staff members and assign staff roles for them.

How to Create Reservations With Staff Members

Learn how to create reservations with staff members for the bookable calendar feature.


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